Our Mission

Software Growth Partners’ (SGP’s) primary mission is to build great software companies. We do this by being very selective about where we invest, and being very engaged in where we do invest. Unlike traditional private equity approach, we engage with our portfolio companies as true partners with only one goal: To help them achieve their true potential. In order to achieve its mission, SGP intends to be:
We strive to achieve measurable gains at our portfolio companies by upholding the highest deliverable standards for ourselves as well as our management teams.
We aim to be the financial partner of choice and seek to provide continuous support to our management teams through both the good and tough phases of our investment period.
We are entrepreneurs at heart and aim to continue promoting this entrepreneurial spirit at our portfolio companies to drive exceptional growth.
We intend to be disciplined and principled in our investment approach and strive to overcome all challenges with high integrity and professionalism.
When we achieve our primary mission, we generate winning outcomes for everyone that is a part of the journey.

Our Story

Software Growth Partners (SGP) was founded by Sumit Garg to help software companies achieve their true potential by providing management expertise, best practices and capital and taking them through an accelerated growth journey. Sumit’s passion and success as a software company operator and technology investor is highlighted through his active hands-on involvement with SGP’s portfolio companies such as Cleo, Appsian and Netreo that have witnessed substantial growth under his leadership. SGP aims to further expand its current portfolio by partnering with high potential companies.

Software Growth Partners

Software Growth Partners (SGP) is a Silicon Valley based private equity firm that focuses on lower-middle market software companies. We pursue a partnership-driven and hands-on investment approach. SGP strives to be an ideal financial and strategic partner for founder-owned companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for some liquidity while still retaining significant upside resulting from growth in their businesses. As a value-added investor, SGP is actively involved with its portfolio companies at all stages and provides significant operational and strategic support to its management teams, helping them address critical issues as their companies scale towards realizing their full potential.