Ankur Agarwal

As a Founder, Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager and Developer, Ankur has a passion for finding the most interesting problems and solving them. Ankur has not only led but created entirely new categories in the enterprise DevOps and Cloud markets. In his most recent role, he founded, a SaaS service that automates Docker delivery for the developers. Some of the other top products he has built and/or led include vCloud Air, Cloud Foundry and Mercury Quality Center (SaaS and on-premise). Ankur focuses on the users, business goals and alignment to mission and tracks key metrics to decide when to pivot, pause or persevere. Even though he leads Product teams, he doesn’t shy away from complex technical discussions and strongly follows the lean startup principles in all his ventures. Ankur often speaks at DevOps and Developer conferences such as DevWeek, advises startups and coaches budding leaders as they transition from engineering to product management/marketing. He has also filed for 2 patents (US20170287/86).

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